We understand that things happen. Up to 7 days in advance you may reschedule your event without repercussion. After that you may reschedule for an additional fee of $50 up to 2 days prior to your event. Day of changes will result in a $100 fee due to the last minute changes.



Sometimes you have to cancel, and we are sad to see you go. Up to 7 days prior to your event you may cancel with full refund. 6 days or less will result in the loss of your deposit, and same day cancellations will have no refunds. We appreciate your understand of this as we understand yours.


Rights Reserved

Lost Princess Entertainment reserves the right to leave any event or party at any time -whether prepaid or not - if any of our cast members or staff feel they are unsafe. Should this occur, Lost Princess Entertainment will be in contact within 24 hours to discuss further consequences. 

Media and Photography

Lost Princess Entertainment is not legally allowed to post any pictures or videos of minors without the expressed permission of their legal guardian. However, we love your children and want them showcased on our media! For this reason we have a special discount of 10% off your total cost, and additional 10% off coupons for all of your guests, if you are able to provide written permission from every child’s legal guardian by the day of your event. Contact us for more information about this offer, and to receive permission form printables.



Do I need to Tip my performer?

It is not required for you to tip your performer, but the industry standard is 15 - 20%. This is a great way to show your princess that you appreciate their hard work! You can do this the day of the event (please hand all cash and cheques to the assistant in an envelope) or afterward over e-transfer or Paypal.


What do you have for boys?

While we love boys, and they are invited and welcome to participate in all of our activities, we do not cater any of our activities to their preference. If you would like recommendations on where to find male oriented performers and activities, please contact us.


How can I prepare for my event/party?

Not much is required from you. All we need is space large enough to play small indoor games, sit in a circle, an outlet, and an area for storage during the party. Other than that, we ask that you ensure that all of the parents and non participants help us to keep the magic by making comments about our performers to a minimum. We are doing our very best to bring your children into another world, and it doesn’t help if someone asks “where did you get the wig?” right in front of them.


Can I request a performer?

All of our performers are trained and chosen for their professional resumes. No matter who comes to your event, we guarantee a professional and wonderful experience. However we understand that there are special circumstances at times and we will do our best to accommodate you in that event.



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Lost Princess Entertainment uses characters from classic fairytales and claims in no way to be associated with any large mouse-related corporations. Any similarities to copyrighted characters is unintentional.

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