Lost Princess Entertainment uses characters from classic fairytales and claims in no way to be associated with any large mouse-related corporations. Any similarities to copyrighted characters is unintentional.

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Our Mission

Lost Princess Entertainment  fosters the growth of self-worth in young women through performing arts. Our vision is to see young women find their value through

thought-provoking stories. 

Lost Princess Entertainment is a family friendly children entertainment company.

We specialize in meaningful story-telling, fairytales and cultivating imagination.

We believe that every child should feel loved, valued and that they have a purpose in the world. We strive to emphasize that in everything we do. 
We are currently available for hire at parties and special events as character performers, bringing music and stories to life.

What Do We Do?

Once Upon a time...

Created by owner and performer Katrina Froese,

Lost Princess Entertainment

began in 2011 as a dream to

see every "lost princess" found. As her passion for helping young women find their value and worth grew, LPE was slowly crafted together until its opening in 2017.

From the decade of training in both theatre and childcare, and her love of all things princesses, Katrina knew this was the perfect combination of her passions.

Now as we continue to expand and grow, we hope to one day be a fully functioning theatre company, putting on wholesome family entertainment based on stories of strong moral value and of course most importantly, continue furthering our mission; 

"To Make Them Found".

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